We have collected and analysed the district and city-level regulations for the installation of solar panels. The detailed legal analysis helps professionals, municipalities and the general public to navigate through the wide range of rules.

Three expert working groups have been set up, involving municipalities, civil society organisations, academics, students and some of the companies involved, to think together and identify solutions to promote the use and uptake of solar panels:
– The ” Local Regulation” working group is specifically working on reviewing, harmonising and standardising the metropolitan and district regulations.
– The “Public Awareness” working group aims to provide citizens with real knowledge and practical experience through awareness-raising activities, events and actions
– The “Technical” working group works on recommendations and proposals focusing on technical issues.

By integrating different databases and using geographic information software, the Solar Map of Budapest has been produced. Files containing the buildings and urban planning units of the city and digital surface models of the buildings were imported into the programme and used to build the Budapest Solar Map through various modelling and geodatabase building processes. The final output consists of several output layers, including the results of simulated irradiance modelling for the whole year, the irradiance and estimated electricity generation potential of building roofs, etc. The map aims to provide information to property owners and decision makers to support the implementation of different solar PV investments.